Luga – Sending Triangles (album 2)

Album: Sending Triangles
Label: Distant Noise

Album released in 2008 by Bristol label Distant Noise the release was part of a limited set of 100 copies with the other 11 releases also being limited to 100.

Review from:The Weblog Of Leonard’s Lair

Distant Noise Records is a new label set up Tarl Broad-Ashman, an artist who will be familiar to those who follow his work as electro-ambient project Innerise. ’Sending Triangles’ by Luga is scheduled to be the first of twelve releases throughout the year and when the collection is complete, the twelve CD covers will form one complete image. An enticing prospect for sure especially if you like electronica and post-rock. More importantly, though, is to assess the qualities of the music itself and it’s nice to report that the Brighton-based Luga (AKA Lewis Broad-Ashman) gets his brother’s project off to an encouraging start.

‘Curved (h)air’ combines beats with a glacial wash of sound, drifting like an iceberg to make for an elegant opening. ‘Sign Language’ best reveals Luga’s understanding of melody and rhythm; it’s unusually fast pace simulates a space journey through star-filled skies. Similarly, ‘Slow Pace’, the title track and beautiful outro ‘Interluding Thoughts’ hit on the same theme but with more of a shoegazing influence on show. Not all is good though. Were it not for the baby noises, ‘Design Files’ would have descended into relaxation tape territory whereas ‘Tims List’ is chill-out by numbers. Overall, ‘Sending Triangles’ isn’t a release which sets my heart racing but its mixture of dreampop and electronic melody is a good record to float away to. Furthermore, with future releases to feature the likes of Yellow6 and Televise, this should be a series well worth following.


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