Luga Remixes

Having only ever completed one remix, I feel it’s time to put my hand to it again – so if anyone wants to give me a go at a remix challenge leave a comment or email me (

Here is the track I remixed as part of the Distant Noise series last year.

Track: Dawn Chorus Ignites – Am I Here (Luga Remix)


New Luga Tracks

New album ‘behind the lights’ due out sometime next year, this album has been put together from various recordings over the past year, and features some guest vocals from Daniel Land and Becca, some guitar by Tim Ingam (Winterlight). It should be released via Distant Noise Records and I am hoping to have it available as CD with a digipak case with graphics designed by Ben C.

Check out some tracks that will appear:

Track: Three Horse Race (feat Simon Hill)

Track: ethnic oni (feat Becca)

Track: Behind the lights

Track: For a long while

Luga – Be May Day (album 3)

Album: Be May Day
Label: Self Released / Available at Distant Noise

Self funded and released as limited to 100 copies, although available as download.

Track: Home

Track: Living

Review from:The Weblog Of Leonard’s Lair

‘Be May Day’ is the second album of the year from Luga AKA Lewis Broad-Ashman. After an original release of just twenty-five copies, it understandably sold out pretty quickly but will be available to download very soon. A good thing too as the music within complements the electronica of ‘Sending Triangles’ but is less reliant on shoegazing influences.

As electronica artists go, Broad-Ashman doesn’t seem to be one of the understated kind. His music deals in broad layers of music; consistently made up of layers of beats, bleeps and sheets of synth melodies. ‘Understand Theory’ – one of the few tracks to use vocals – is full of the kind of warm tune-making that Luga is capable of. Yet it’s only towards the middle of the album that the artist seems to explore new and more satisfying territory.

‘Be Mine’ and ‘Monitron’s frosty outlook and metronomic rhythms reminded me of Millimetrik whilst ‘Living’, a refreshingly laidback but mysterious number, reveals a complexity absent from the beginning of the record. Meanwhile, the clever ‘Way Home’ experiments with robotic noises but makes them sound almost emotional.

Overall, ‘Be May Day’ is an album to remain in the shadows of similarly-styled records from Avrocar and Millimetrik, yet it shows a lot of potential. If Lewis Broad-Ashman can continue to work on a unique style, there’s no reason why his material can’t sit amongst more exalted company.

Luga – Sending Triangles (album 2)

Album: Sending Triangles
Label: Distant Noise

Album released in 2008 by Bristol label Distant Noise the release was part of a limited set of 100 copies with the other 11 releases also being limited to 100.

Review from:The Weblog Of Leonard’s Lair

Distant Noise Records is a new label set up Tarl Broad-Ashman, an artist who will be familiar to those who follow his work as electro-ambient project Innerise. ’Sending Triangles’ by Luga is scheduled to be the first of twelve releases throughout the year and when the collection is complete, the twelve CD covers will form one complete image. An enticing prospect for sure especially if you like electronica and post-rock. More importantly, though, is to assess the qualities of the music itself and it’s nice to report that the Brighton-based Luga (AKA Lewis Broad-Ashman) gets his brother’s project off to an encouraging start.

‘Curved (h)air’ combines beats with a glacial wash of sound, drifting like an iceberg to make for an elegant opening. ‘Sign Language’ best reveals Luga’s understanding of melody and rhythm; it’s unusually fast pace simulates a space journey through star-filled skies. Similarly, ‘Slow Pace’, the title track and beautiful outro ‘Interluding Thoughts’ hit on the same theme but with more of a shoegazing influence on show. Not all is good though. Were it not for the baby noises, ‘Design Files’ would have descended into relaxation tape territory whereas ‘Tims List’ is chill-out by numbers. Overall, ‘Sending Triangles’ isn’t a release which sets my heart racing but its mixture of dreampop and electronic melody is a good record to float away to. Furthermore, with future releases to feature the likes of Yellow6 and Televise, this should be a series well worth following.

Luga – Bound By Indifference (album 1)

Album: Bound By Indifference
Label: VU-US

Album released back in 2007 by Belgium label VU-US

Review from: Small Fish Records

Another excellent release from -Scaldis-‘s own VU-US label. Taking a chilled out and nicely electronic feeling with a melodic and organic texture. Most of the rhythms are on the downbeat tip (I hate to mention Boards of Canada, but it seems somehow appropriate!) and the layered up sounds use various influences, from guitars right through to synths. It’s a musical album and sits very happily next to the work of labels like Boltfish and U-cover, albeit with a more accessible (kind of) style. Very pleasing indeed and one to check.