Some new ish work.. – single chain wrapper (DEMO)

Been thinking about a musical direction, and have been listening to loads of chillwave, wonky synth, guitar music.. so thought I would have a go at something similar, but still with the Luga traditions…


ethnic Oni (re-edit) DEMO

Working on a re-edit to join other remixes from the album ‘behind the lights’ due out very soon, other remixes include innerise, riverrun and epic45:

Winterlight plays guitar

A rough edit of a track from the forth coming album ‘behind the lights’ feat guitar from friend and fellow gazer Tim Winterlight Ingham. Very excited about how the track is sounding, so enjoy and wait for the full release and mix down on the album.

Track: Waved Goodbye (feat. Winterlight)

Also a video that I created, just a bit of fun:

Some very old Demo tracks

Thought I would add some old demo tracks / work in progress tracks that got left behind and ignored. I was hunting through my drive and found some old tracks gave a few a listen and thought why not post some up for people to have a listen. Nothing very exciting, but fun all the same..

Track: Once again I fail (very old demo early 2008)

Track: Arhp (very old demo late 2007)

Hereldeduke Remix

A good friend Ollie Brown has kindly remixed a track from the album ‘Be May Day‘ called ‘Home‘ take some time to listen, I have posted it on my SoundCloud page and you can listen below. Ollie creates music under the guise of Hereldeduke.

Track: Home (Hereldeduke Remix)

You can listen to more Hereldeduke